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Sewer & Storm Ejector Systems Specialist
All American Sewer Service is a complete sewer and storm ejector pump service. We are a certified Goulds pump dealer specializing in residential and commercial maintenance, cleaning, repairs, design, and installation. Our technicians are committed to providing you with FAST 24 hours a day reliable service.

Thorough Grease Trap Cleaning
Grease is the primary cause of sewer blockages. Grease traps intercept most fatty oils, greases and solids [FOGS], before they enter a wastewater disposal system by separating them from water. However if allowed to accumulate, [FOGS] will clog your businesses lines and create an unpleasant and inoperable business environment. Thorough grease trap cleaning can ensure that your business maintains a clean and sanitary system. All American Sewer Service offers top-notch professional grease trap cleaning with custom maintenance service that will meet your specific needs. Proper sizing of grease traps and grease trap installations are also available.

Grease Trap Sizing & Installation
It is estimated that over 50% of all sewer overflows are caused by FOGS blockage. Most municipalities require commercial kitchen operations to install and maintain grease trap devices to collect FOGS before they enter sewers. FOGS are a concern in the local wastewater system and communities have established inspection programs to ensure that these grease traps are being sized, installed and routinely maintained. All American Sewer Service is trained in proper grease trap sizing and installation. Call us to discuss how we can meet your facilities requirements and maintain its efficiency.

Combination Sewer Cleaning
All American Sewer Service provides the latest technology in storm and sanitary sewer cleaning to restore and maintain normal sewer flow. Our high velocity jet cleaning service removes grease, roots, mud, stone, scale and foriegn objects that clog pipes. Our vacuum truck removes all debris from manholes, catch basins and ejector pits. In addition, we specialize in the cleaning and maintenance of municipal wet wells and sewer treatment plant systems. All American Sewer Service can handel even small confined spaces - including manholes, crawl spaces and tanks, and we're outfitted with the latest confined space equipment and certified confined space personnel ready to put it to work for you.

State-of-the-Art Pipeline Inspection
All American Sewer Service provides state-of-the-art main line video inspection. Our portable units can inspect pipes from 2” through 6” and our video truck can inspect main lines from 8” through 96”. Our pan and tilt camera with remote elevator attachment can adapt to changing conditions inside a pipeline. We provide detailed inspection reports, along with the video on either tape or CD for client review. High Tech electronic line locating is also available.

High Tech Electronic Line Locating
The ground under our feet has become more congested with utility lines. Now more than ever it’s vital to identify the location of utilities — gas, fiber, water, telecommunications and sewer — to prevent damage to vital underground assets and protect your bottom line. All American Sewer Services uses the most advanced equipment for accurately locating and inspecting existing underground lines and pipes to properly diagnose the problem. Our Inspection professionals can easily record vital inspection data and client information to then determine what steps will be needed to repair the problem saving you time and money.

Interior Line Cleaning
All American Sewer Service features the full array of high pressure, low volume interior line cleaning services. We utilize the ideal pressure levels for the cleaning and maintenance of smaller interior lines, commercial kitchen lines, boiler room drains and interior cast iron lines with heavy scale build-up. We also provide electric snaking service wherever applicable. Portable cameras are used to inspect and evaluate pipe conditions.

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